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I’ve heard of “slamming”…what is it?


Slamming is a practice in which your long distance service provider is switched without your consent or knowledge. You may have signed the back of a check sent to your by a long distance carrier and submitted it with your local telephone bill. The small print on the back gives permission to change carriers.

If you have been slammed, you should:

  • Call the company that slammed their service and inform them that you will not pay any charges incurred.

  • Contact Madelia Telephone Company and explain that you did not authorize any changes and request to be switched back to your preferred carrier. Ask for a PIC freeze to be added to your account. Note: although MTC does not charge a fee to be connected or re-connected to Madelia Long Distance, other companies may charge a reconnect fee.

  • Contact your preferred long distance company and ask to be reconnected and refunded for the switch fee that your local company may charge you.

  • In the event that you are unable to resolve a slamming problem, file a complaint with the FCC. A letter should be sent to: Federal Communications Commission, Consumer Complaints, Mail Stop Code 1600A2, Washington, D.C. 20554.


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