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How should I handle telemarketer calls?


"No thank you. Please place me on your do not call list." This simple phrase posted by your phone may be the best "script" for you to use when answering those unwanted and, at times, downright invasive phone calls received from telemarketing representatives.


Receiving these types of phone calls evokes a variety of responses including making excuses, arguing with and antagonizing the caller, or hanging up on the caller. These methods have actually proven to be counterproductive, and so the calls continue. Similar to mail ordering, purchasing a product from a telemarketing firm over the phone places the consumer on a variety of future calling lists.

The FBI reports that about 10% of the telemarketing businesses in operation are fraudulent firms. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has enacted certain restrictions to help protect the consumer against infringements on privacy as well as fraud. Some of these include:


  • Telemarketers representing companies other that non profit organizations are required to maintain a "do not call" log of individuals who request not to be called anymore. (They may not call you again if you have previously asked not to be called. A civil penalty may be imposed on the company should this occur.)

  • A telemarketer cannot call prior to 8:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m.

  • A telemarketer must receive written authorization from the consumer in order to withdraw money from a checking account.

  • The telemarketer must inform you prior to making a sales pitch that the call is a sales call, provide the name of the seller and explain what is being sold.


  • When placing an order by phone, always note the date, time, and name of the representative taking the order. The total price (including any shipping charges), method of shipment, and expected date of delivery should also be written down.

  • NEVER reveal your bank or credit card account numbers to a telemarketer unless you are familiar with ordering from the company.

  • If you receive a call from a telemarketing firm and do not wish to be contacted anymore, tell the representative that you wish to be placed on their "do not call" list. As a precaution, note the date and time you made the request, and the name of the caller and company.


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