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Christensen Communications Company

Christensen Communications Company is the LEC (Local Exchange Carrier) in Madelia, MN and the surrounding area. The Company celebrated its 110th Anniversary in 2013.  The corporate name was changed to Christensen Communications Company, to reflect having spread services beyond the Madelia area.

Initially, the Company sold just telephone systems outside the Madelia area, in St. James and La Salle. Then long distance service was added and, more recently, the internet and local service. Several years ago, the Company buried its own fiber to St. James and La Salle and, just within the past few years, local service has been added to schools, County offices and many businesses in St. James; and to businesses and residences in La Salle. The Company continues to expand the area within which it can offer services. In addition to land line, long distance and the internet, the Company offers wireless internet to areas not served by buried fiber.

Christensen Communications local service customers can call anyone in Madelia, St. James or La Salle as a local call. This is particularly advantageous for calls to and from County facilities in St. James.

The Company can trace its roots back to 1903 when 48 local citizens formed the Madelia Telephone Company. In 1903 there were 110 customers and four rural customers. Toll connections were soon made to make Madelia Telephone a full service company, for the time.

In 1972, the entire outside plant, 243 miles of new copper cable, was installed underground. Digital technology came in 1983 when the first DMS-10 switch was installed. This was followed in 1985 with the installation of fiber optic cable to haul toll traffic between Madelia and Mankato. In 1999 a new generation DMS-10 switch was installed and the offering of internet service began that same year. In 2000 a second fiber route to Mankato was completed, providing a redundant route and more potential for services. In 2012 a soft switch was installed and more bandwith was purchased to give customers the option on higher internet speeds.

In 2008, fiber routes were installed to St. James and La Salle, affording toll service, internet and, ultimately, local service to those communities. In 2009, 2010 and 2012 additional fiber was laid in rural areas to provide better local service and high speed internet to more rural customers as well as wireless towers to extend where DSL can not reach.

 “Where Service is our Most Important Product” is a registered trademark appearing as part of the Company logo. Each employee in the “Corporate Family” is committed to ensuring that the slogan is a reality. The objective of Christensen Communications Company is to continue to provide state-of-the-art communications to an expanding segment of its area in rural Minnesota.


104 West Main Street
Madelia, MN 56062

Phone: 507-642-5555
Fax: 507-642-5500

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