Sunday, May 28, 2017


La Salle Local Service

Dependable, local, and friendly customer Service from people you know and trust!

Local Service Charge $12.25 per month with unlimited local calling
FCC Access Charge $6.50 Federal Communications Commission Fee
911/Tele-Relay/Tap Surcharges    
$0.97 MN State Mandated charges
Inside Wire Maintenance $1.95 per month (optional)
(This protects our customers from any unforeseen service calls to repair damaged wiring within their home)

(Federal Universal charges, state taxes and federal taxes are not included)

*Additional Fees may apply for St James exchange numbers.

Advantages of having Local Phone Service

  • Consistent, reliable, high quality services
  • Emergency services know where you are when you dial 911
  • “Contact Number”, everyone asks for them.  Do you really want all those people to have your cell phone number?
  • Bundle your Local Service with our Hi-Speed Internet services and save even more!

104 West Main Street
Madelia, MN 56062

Phone: 507-642-5555
Fax: 507-642-5500

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